First Congregational United Church of Christ Ministries


Nestled in the heart of the community, the First Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC) stands as a testament to the enduring love and teachings of Jesus Christ. With a rich history and a progressive vision, the church strives to embody the UCC's motto: "That they may all be one." Its diverse range of ministries seeks to uplift, educate, and serve both its congregation and the broader community.

At the First Congregational UCC, the youth are not just the future, but the vibrant present. The Youth Ministry encourages teens to delve into their faith, ask tough questions, and apply Christian teachings in their daily lives. Through retreats, community service, and mission trips, they learn the essence of service and leadership.

The Women’s Ministry at First Congregational UCC offers a haven for women to connect, share experiences, and grow spiritually. From book clubs discussing faith-based literature to retreats focusing on self-care and spirituality, this ministry nurtures the holistic growth of every woman.

Gathering as brothers in faith, the Men’s Ministry is about deepening connections – with God and one another. This fellowship engages in Bible studies, mentoring, and outreach programs, forging bonds that extend beyond the church walls.

Worship at First Congregational UCC is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary styles. The Music & Worship Ministry, comprising choirs, bands, and dance groups, ensures that every service resonates with heartfelt praise, allowing members to connect deeply with the Divine.

Guided by UCC’s commitment to justice, the Outreach Ministry extends a helping hand to those in need. This involves food and clothing drives, supporting local shelters, and advocating for social justice issues that align with the church’s mission of inclusivity and love.

Understanding God’s Word is fundamental to spiritual growth. First Congregational UCC offers diverse educational programs ranging from Sunday school for children to adult Bible study sessions, ensuring that every member has the resources to deepen their faith journey.

The church’s mission is not confined to its locality. Through its Global Missions ministry, First Congregational UCC supports missionaries, partners with global charities, and undertakes initiatives to spread the Gospel’s message of love and unity worldwide.


First Congregational United Church of Christ, with its vast array of ministries, serves as a beacon of hope and a hub of spiritual enrichment. Its commitment to fostering unity, embracing diversity, and enacting Christ's teachings makes it a sanctuary for all who seek spiritual growth and community engagement.

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